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    Yerba Mate, a ubiquitous S. American herb with deep cultural roots is native to Argentina, Brazil & Paraguay. The wild-grown holly shrub (Ilex paraguariensis), now formally cultivated, was originally found growing wild in the rainforest. Highly nutritious, loaded with anti-oxidants & numerous essential vitamins, like tea, Yerba Mate was used by indigenous people as food, beverage, medicine, a show of hospitality & even as currency. In addition to theobromine (the stimulant found in chocolate & tea) & theophylline (one of several stimulants found in tea) Yerba Mate contains matteine, a stimulant similar to caffeine yet reputedly milder on the body with what imbibers have described as an energizing effect that doesn't disrupt their sleep or negatively react with the nervous system. SerendipiTea imports Yerba Mate directly from fourth generation farmers/manufacturers who harvest native forest Yerba Mate in Southern Brazil.

    Green Yerba Mate is grassy & herbaceous; Roasted is smoky & smooth; Aged Yerba Mate is toasty & mellow. Steep the dried leaves in HOT not boiling water. Use a teapot, a press pot or the traditional way ~ use a dried & hollowed, decorative gourd & sip through a bombilla, a filtered straw usually fashioned from stainless steel.
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