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    Pu-erh, a Yunnan province offering, can be made from black or green tea. Black or "Cooked" Tea is called Shu. Green or Raw Tea is called Sheng & is not oxidized. Pu-erh can be in loose form or compressed. Traditionally aged in caves, now the tea is aged in specially designed "caves" or climate controlled rooms where the humidity level is carefully maintained at less than 80%. Moisture is introduced to piles the dry, finished leaves which are regularly turned & tended. During this "composting" procedure helpful bacteria growth is encouraged. Aging is desirable as is the earthy aroma, fragrance & taste. Once aged the desired amount, the leaves are compressed into cakes, disks, buttons, or bird's nest shapes. The natural aging produces a very mellow, smooth cup. Some ages Pu-erh cakes & disks are highly collectible.

    TIBETAN TEA ~ Sonam's Traditional Family Recipe

    1. Three tsp PuErh Tea in Stock Pot with 30 oz. of water.
    2. Bring to Boil; Reduce to Simmer.
    3. Strain tea leaves, transfer liquid to a churn or clean stock pot.
    4. Add butter (yak butter if available), whole milk & salt to taste.
    5. Churn or use hand beater, mix until combined.
    6. Enjoy!
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