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Puerh T-Bags
Puerh T-Bags

Origin:  China
Estate:  Yunnan Province
Organic & Kosher

This Dark Tea from Yunnan, China is often aged in specially designed caves or climate controlled rooms during & after undergoing a "composting " procedure through which helpful Bacteria growth is encouraged by introducing moisture to drying piles of tea leaves which are regularly turned & tended. The result being Pu-erh's distinct earthy flavor & bouquet, high level of anti-oxidants & probiotics.

PuERH was awarded SILVER in the World Tea Championships PuErh/Dark Tea Category under Single Serve Hot (2018).

Retail Boxes of 20 x 2.5 g Certified Organic Single Serve Tea Sachets made from soilon, a plant-based material (made in the USA).

Bulk Bag of 50 x 2.5 g Certified Organic Single Serve Tea Sachets made from soilon, a sustainably sourced, compostable plant-based material (made in the USA). Options: With or Without Tea Caddy (5" black storage tin).

Buy in Bulk ~ Save a Bundle while Reducing Your Footprint!

Price: $10.00


New Packaging!


Pu-erh (Organic)

Steeping Instructions:

1. Fill kettle with fresh water, then heat.

2. Warm your teapot with a little hot water, discard, place your tea leaves in teapot, allowing heat of the pot to release bouquet of the tea leaves.

3. Heat water to rolling boil (212°) or until just below boiling (190° - 205°). 3. Place a Single Serve T-sachet in your cup, pour water from kettle over T-sachet. Steep up to 5 minutes; refresh as desired.

*Vary time according to taste, & remember that steeping tea leaves beyond 5 mins does not contribute to flavor, only bitterness.
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