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      White Gingered Apricot

      Origin: SerendipiTea
      Organic & Kosher

      Apple (Organic), Apple Flavor (Natural), Apricot Flavor (Organic), Ginger (Organic), Hibiscus (Organic), Orange Flavor (Natural), Orange Peel (Organic), Rose Hips (Organic), White Tea (Organic)

      Award Winning! Need to spice things up a bit? Here's the perfect blend ~ mildly toasty white peony paired with a fuzzy medley of fragrant fruit & just a touch of heat.

      Awarded Silver in the Global Tea Championships Flavored White Tea Category (2018).

      See further below for Steeping Instructions

      $12.00 each


      Steeping Instructions

      1. Fill kettle with fresh water, then heat.

      2. Warm teapot with a little hot water, discard, place tea leaves in teapot, allowing heat of the pot to release bouquet of the tea leaves.

      3. Heat water below boiling (approximately 185°). Steep 2+ teaspoons (5-8 g/8 oz. cup) up to 1 minute for first steep, up to 3-5 minutes for the subsequent steeps. Refresh cup as desired.

      *Vary time & temperature according to taste.

      • 4 oz. box makes approx. 50 cups
      • 1 lb. bulk bag makes approx. 175 cups
      • 1 oz. Sample makes approx. 10 cups

      *see Tea Caddy for storage option*

      Transfer contents of box to an air-tight,opaque ceramic or tin kept away from heat and moisture.

      All retail packaging components are manufactured in the USA. The box is made from post-consumer-recycled Kraft; the sealed inner bag is sustainably sourced compostable plant-derived material (Nature Flex), labels are made from recycled content with water-soluble inks. All handling, blending, packing is done by hand on-site at SerendipiTea.