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      Roses Plenty

      Origin: SerendipiTea
      Organic & Kosher

      Chinese Green Tea (Organic), Rose Petals (Organic)

      Soft, gentle, poetic rose-scented tea. China green Sencha-style tea hand-blended with red rose petals. Share with those who are always on your mind.

      Inspired by Elizabeth Barrett Browning's poem (excerpt):

      A Lay of the Early Rose

      A ROSE once grew within
      A garden April-green,
      In her loneness, in her loneness,
      And the fairer for that oneness.

      A white rose delicate
      On a tall bough and straight:
      Early comer, early comer,
      Never waiting for the summer.

      Her pretty gestes did win
      South winds to let her in,
      In her loneness, in her loneness,
      All the fairer for that oneness.

      ‘For if I wait,’ said she,
      ‘Till time for roses be,
      For the moss-rose and the musk-rose,
      Maiden-blush and royal-dusk rose,

      ‘What glory then for me
      In such a company? —
      Roses plenty, roses plenty
      And one nightingale for twenty!

      See further below for detailed Steeping Instructions

      $12.00 each


      Steeping Instructions

      1.Fill kettle with fresh water, then heat.

      2. Heat water below boiling (approx 190°). Steep 1 teaspoon up to 3 minutes & refresh cup as desired.

      *Vary time according to taste, & remember that steeping tea leave beyond 3 mins does not contribute to flavor, only bitterness.

      • 4 oz. box makes approx. 50 cups
      • 1 lb. bulk bag makes approx. 175 cups
      • 1 oz. Sample makes approx. 10 cups

      *see Tea Caddy for storage option*

      Transfer contents of box to an air-tight,opaque ceramic or tin kept away from heat and moisture.

      All retail packaging components are manufactured in the USA. The box is made from post-consumer-recycled Kraft; the sealed inner bag is sustainably sourced compostable plant-derived material (Nature Flex), labels are made from recycled content with water-soluble inks. All handling, blending, packing is done by hand on-site at SerendipiTea.