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      Raw PuErh Tea Cake

      Origin: China
      Estate: Yunnan Province


      These raw Pu-Erh cakes were manufactured in the small village of Bing Dao at the foot of the mountains in Mengku in Ling Cang prefecture, the northernmost area of Pu Erh production. Made from Ancient Tea Tree (200-500 years old) leaves harvested in in 2012, the cakes can be consumed when purchased or continue to age. The liquid has a "thick" mouth-feel with flowery notes with a lingering sweetness. Use 5-8 g/serving ideally in a Gai Wan (three-piece cup with lid). Break off pieces with a clean letter opener or slender knife ~ insert into the cake & gently loosen & remove a piece. Keep as many leaves intact as possibly. Traditionally, the first infusion rinses & "wakes up" the tea & is discarded.

      100g Cake

      See further below for Steeping Instructions

      $20.00 each


      Steeping Instructions

      1.Use a butter knife to scoop 5 grams of tea from the Tea Cake

      2. Put the Tea into a cup, gai wan or tempered glass

      3. Pour 5-6 oz. of boiling water over the tea, rinse leaves & discard liquid

      4. Repeat, steep for 3-10 seconds & enjoy

      5. Repeat & each time leaves are re-steeped add a few more seconds

      6. With this "touch & go" style you can steep as many times as you like

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