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Matcha Bowl (Brown)
Matcha Bowl (Brown)

Our culinary grade Matcha is made from Japanese shade-grown certified organic tencha (green tea) milled to a super fine powder. It is perfect for baking & culinary recipes or for making lattes & smoothies. (see Matcha for recipes)

The Chashaku Spoon is a bamboo scoop used for spooning Matcha from container to bowl.

The bamboo whisk is used to whip the Matcha to a delicious, frothy broth.

And the bowl. Everyone's Matcha experience is deeply personal. From the Zen atmosphere of the carefully choreographed ritual of Chanoyu, the Japanese Tea Ceremony to Matcha Lattes or Matcha Smoothies. Selecting the perfect Matcha Bowl is a quest. Perhaps this is the one!  Oni Shino Glazed Ceramic. "Oni Shino refers to the glaze being subjected to the kiln's atmosphere, unprotected. Firing shino in this manner allows for a wide range of color and texture responses." Lucien M. Koonce, artist.

Matcha, Chashaku, Whisk & Bowl ~ Made in Japan. Wash by hand, gentle rinsing is best.

Note: Tin-tie Kraft bag made of recycled paper & lined with PLA (plant-based material) is packed inside each 4 oz. tin of Matcha. Empty contents of Kraft bag into tin for storage.

CONTENTS of MATCHA SET (images not to scale): 

  • 4oz Matcha Box
  • Bamboo Whisk
  • Chashaku Spoon
  • Matcha Bowl (Brown)

Price: $32.00


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