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      Ceylon Black Iced Tea Sachets

      Origin: Sri Lanka
      Estate: Iddulgashina
      Organic & Kosher

      Ceylon Black Tea (Organic)

      Pekoe Fannings steep quickly & strongly for a brisk, bracing Iced Tea. This bold black tea with bright citrus notes hails from Idulgashinna Estate in the esteemed Uva district of Sri Lanka & will not disappoint!

      Container = 8 x .5 oz sachets. Each sachet makes .5 gallon of refreshing iced tea.

      Our packaging is made from up to 100% post-consumer-recycled material. In keeping with our GREEN mission.

      See further below for Steeping Instructions

      $12.00 each


      Steeping Instructions

      Cold Brew is a Cinch!
      Steep 1 sachet in 6 cups of cold water.
      Refrigerate 5-6 hours or overnight.
      Squeeze Iced Tea Sachet, remove and discard.
      Enjoy over Ice.

      Hot Brew is always an option.
      Steep 1 sachet in 6 cups of boiled water.
      Let steep the recommended amount of time.*
      Adjust to suit individual taste preferences.
      Squeeze sachet, remove and discard.
      Cool to room temperature, then enjoy over ice.

      *3-4 minutes White, Green & Oolong Teas
      *5-6 minutes Black & Dark Teas
      *6-8 minutes Tisanes (this category can steep over-night if preferred)