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    We're proud to share our customer's comments with you:  

    Susan F. from Leonia, NJ writes ~ I love Moulin Rouge Chai! I must have it, every afternoon. You have created a monster.

    Tomalyn P. of Camp Hill, PA writes ~ "Love your tea!!!!!!!"

    Pear F. writes ~ "I ordered gift sets for people and they are terrific. The tea smells wonderful! I spoke to some staff on the phone and they were so helpful! Thank you."

    Diane D. of New York, NY writes ~ "You have wonderful tea"

    Patricia K. of Quebec, Canada writes ~ "Great web site and great tea!!! I have never been disappointed with anything I have ordered from SerendipiTea! Keep up the good work."

    Chrissie C. of New York, NY writes ~ "I originally tried it at Gotham Bar and Grill in NY. FABULOUS!!!"

    R. Ruggerio of SI, NY writes ~ "Loved it at The Culinary Institute"

    Kristen M. of Belmont, MA writes ~ "The best tisane!"

    Patty G. of Palatine, Il writes ~ "Can't wait to receive the teas. Have tried them at a friend's house, and LOVED them!!!"

    Sutherland M. of Sharon, CT writes ~ "Finally found you after hearing you on the Faith Middleton show!"

    Jeff M. of Pt. Washington, NY writes ~ "Love Your Product - Where Can I By It Locally? Long Island, NY???"

    Lorraine T. of Freehold, NJ writes ~ "Nice Web Site Design :)"

    Athena R. of Colorado Springs, CO writes ~ "This is to let you know that I received my tea today! I love your teas and look forward to sipping them."

    Jeninifer C. writes ~ "Thanks for the great tea. Your Chai is the best tea I've ever had! Smooth, Flavorful, delicious. Can't wait to try other flavors!!"

    Patty K. writes ~ "A friend had your tea, yum! I thought I'd see if I could find you online so I could order it. Did a hotsheet.com search, and wala!"

    Mynetta C. writes ~ "Love you guys!"

    Tara G. from Summit, NJ writes ~ "I'M ADDICTED! I'll have to go to Colonille Anonymous!"

    Reanna R. writes ~ "I was given the website address from a waiter who served me some of your tea. I had a green tea called "Passion and Envy" and I was blown away. It was excellent and I was hoping I could order some and I was intending to have my grandmother try some as well (she's 1/2 japanese). Please let me know how I could get some of that incredible tea."

    Jenny S. of Jackson Hts, NY writes ~ "I love your tea!!"

    Joe N. of Elmhurst, NY writes ~ "Your tea is really great! Thanks."

    Dee B. of Timonium, MD writes ~ "Incidentally, this tea is delicious and makes great gifts. Everyone I've given it to has really enjoyed it. Thanks again."

    Sharon F. of Seattle, WA writes about the site ~ "Excellent, easy to navigate, soothing/natural colors" and about the tea "Tasted at Victrola, a cafe in Seattle, WA, I just wanted to thank you for making such wonderful teas!"

    Stanley T. writes ~ "I had some iced tea at Fiorello rest.,NYC and it was the most heavenly thing imagineable!!!! The waitress said it was your tea in Tropical blend flavor....Please let me know what Fiorello orders so I can get that one. Thanks. Also, any retail stores in NY area?"

    Donna W. of King, N.C. writes ~ "Had you tea at a restaurant. It was wonderful!"

    Virginia M. of Blairstown, NJ writes ~ "Best tea available anywhere"

    Doug C. of New York, NY writes ~ "I love your tea. I even use it as potpouri, it's so fragrant."

    Carolyn B. writes ~ "Full of information. Read "Serendipitea" Loved it! Bought another tea brand locally and opened to find "tea dust". Took your book to store for them to read on "tea dust".

    Liz I. of London, England writes ~ "Got the tea and it's super thanks! All of us in my department LOVE the tea, so you could be getting more orders soon!"

    Cristina K writes ~ "I just wanted to tell you how thrilled I am to have found you - I was served a cup of your tea at Ruby Foos and have been in love w/Gen Mai Cha ever since - thanks."

    Linda B. of the Catskills, NY writes ~ "I just wanted to let you know that Chaucer's Cup is an amazing new tea!!!!!! I love it!!!!"

    Edna R. of Wyndmoor, PA writes ~ "Thank you for your wonderful service. I receive my tea today! I had tried it on Sunday, at a local restaurant (Citrus) and I just couldn't do anything but buy your delicious tea. I was very pleased to get it so fast. Thank you!"

    Ellen O. of El Canjon, CA writes ~ "I had your chamomile/lavender tea recently at Blue Grotto restaurant in NY, & now I'm hooked! Fabulous!"

    Jessica W. of San Francisco, CA writes ~ "I had your tea at a restaurant in Chicago and loved it so much that I had to buy some for myself!"

    Janice C. writes "No question... just wanted to tell you that your Earl Grey is by far the greatest tea it has ever been my pleasure to sip. Thanks!"