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    "One drinks tea to forget the sound of the world."

    T'ien Yixeng

    "What, then, did the Tea masters see - what did their vision disclose? It was the reflection of the inner nature of things, the reality of things, which the old philosophers called "the eternal mode." They saw the thing itself, the whole which is entirely different from the sum of its parts."

    Soetsu Yanagi

    "The pot shows the universe."

    Bengali proverb

    "In Tea the host is simplicity and the guest elegance."

    Matsudaira Naritada

    "Tea leaves are bitter. Drinking tea stimulates the mind, keeps people awake, reduces weight and brightens eyesight."

    from "Book of herbs" written sometime during the Ching/Han Dynasties

    "Drinking tea quenches thirst, relieves indigestion, clears the throat, reduces sleepiness, soothes waterway, brightens eyesight, promotes thinking, eliminates anguish and cut down grease. One cannot live a day without tea."

    from "Tea Recipes" by Tsien Tsun Nien of Ming Dynasty.

    "The Sage of Jade Spring loves to pick tea leaves and drink tea. At age eighty his cheeks still look like peach flowers. His tea has a light aroma and is smooth, different from other tea therefore can rejuvenate elderly."

    Tang Dynasty poet, Li Po.

    "Tea is the magical medicine for health and longevity it grows in mountains where the soil is divine. People who pick tea live long. India and China treasure them, and in Japan we love tea. Tea indeed is a magical medicine."

    from "Note on Tea and Health" by Zen Buddhist priest Yeisei.