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Oolong (translation = Black Dragon) is semi-oxidized tea that is traditionally steeped at least three times. Between 15% - 75% oxidized, these leaves can be steeped directly in the cup or if using a teapot allow the leaves to float freely, steeping to taste. Traditionally of Chinese & Taiwanese origin, Oolong is prepared in a small ceramic teapot & presented in the Gong Fu style. The leaves are first rinsed in the teapot with hot water (approx 185 degrees), the liquid is poured off within approximately 10 seconds. The teapot is filled again for a short steep (30-60 seconds). The tea is then poured into very small ceramic cups in one continuous, circular stream to ensure that all cups receive the same liquid, identical in color & taste. The act is performed several times, increasing the steep time until flavor dissipates.

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